.From 1994 to 2001 I was the Director of Exhibits for the Garden State Discovery Museum. It was here that I was able to combine
my skills as an educator and builder to create exhibits that were both stimulating and educational.  If you have a Children's
Museum or Nature Center and are looking for exhibits fabrication, let's talk. There is always a way to make it work.
Garden State Discovery Museum
NJAS Plainsboro.  Beneath the "Great  
Tree Exhibit."
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Merck Arts and Education Center at the
Kimmel Center, Philadelphia PA.
Exhibit in place from 2003 to 2011
Wetlands Institute
Young Children's Exhibit

Activity wall tables.
Activity panels can be removed and
replace with blanks so table can be
used for other functions. Panels are
stored inside.

Fishing Pier
Visitors stand on dock and hook
red fish silhouettes and then match
them into the puzzle info board to
the right to see which fish they
caught .

Bird site scope and Quiz Board.
Visitors use the scope to find and
identify birds hanging about the
Simple science fair Quiz board
lights up and buzzes when you
make a match.
Infant crawl pond with matted       

Left: Child friendly video              
camera for TV news studio

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Kaua'i Children's Discovery Museum
Turtle tank enclosure.
Kid's Kaua'i is an exhibit for children to
explore the different geographical aspects of
the island of Kaua'i
New Jersey Audubon Society - Plainsboro
The Under the Pond Room -Aquarium activity table
Fake stumps act as stools for visitors
Pond room Activity table - Mural surrounds the room
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Check Out The Wetlands Institute Website

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Exhibit Fabrication
Exhibit Fabrication
Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center
This was an enhancement to an existing exhibit. I added a lighting controller
To a mural with a story book Podium. The lights draws the readers attention
to place on the mural the text is talking about.
Visit the centers website:
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picture to see

Please note: I did
not produce the
mural and original
structure. I only
enhanced the
exhibit with lighting
and a new podium.
My forest at the Garden State Discovery Museum, Built
in 1994 and still standing
"Garden Of  Readen"
A children's Library
in a Presbyterian Church

Young child
play space in
nursery school
Click on the Dino bones to see the
Dinosuarium Exhibit built in 2011
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see older exhibits
I helped design
and build
Philadelphia PA
Havertown PA