In July of 2005 I traveled to The Hawaiian island of Kaua'i to work at their Children's
Discovery Museum on an exhibit they had already started called Kid's Kaua'i. I was
able to help them pull together some gaps in the project and assure them that a guy
from Pennsylvania  knew how to make a volcano. Working  with artist Jana Rothenberg
and other staff and museum family, I was able to leave behind a structure that Jana
could later bring to life with her amazing skill. Below are the results.
To contact Jana Rothenberg click here!
Ball roll side with Jana's art work. The
balls now represent the water flowing
from the center of the Island out to the
Ball roll side of Island as I left it.
The volcano cut out wall and slide as I left it.
Jana's painting brings the volcano to life
Child creates his own
path for the balls as
they flow down from
flowing like lava
My work at the
Kaua'i Children's Discovery Museum
This small museum was unable
to survive difficult economic times
and was forced to close it's doors
in 2007.