I have been designing and building for individuals and institutions for over 20 years. In
these difficult times I am finding more people who want to repair and maintain what
they have rather than do a total make over, so that’s why I've started My Repair List.
This allows me to keep doing what I love to do and makes your home or work
environment a more enjoyable place to be.
Welcome To "My Repair List"
So Make Your List!
      Cabinet repair
·        Closet, basement or garage storage.
·        Woodwork doors and trim
·        Drywall damage
·        Stuck drawers
·        Stairways
·        Interior and exterior
·        Traditional and contemporary Cabinets
·        Book cases made to order
·        Cabinets and display cases for special collections
·        Door knobs and locks
·        Loose or broken hinges
·        Etc.
I Will Work With You!
Do you have a job your trying to do yourself but it has become a bit more
challenging than you thought or there is just one part that’s holding you up. I will
be glad to step in and do what ever I can to help and when you feel you no
longer need my help I'll be on my way. I have built furniture for clients to paint or
finish. I have even cut out all the parts and then left a bookshelf with a client to
put together. She had a great time and did a good job. I understand the need to
save money by doing it yourself, but call me if you need a hand or even
610 220-8259 Ask for Jeff
I serve the Philadelphia area and beyond!
I have done work from North Jersey to Washington DC and from the Jersey
Shore to Lancaster County.