Many of the products displayed on this page are the result of collaboration between myself and clients. I always
welcome the opportunity to hear the ideas of others as well as share my ideas with them. That's what makes
this profession so exciting.
Custom wood signs
Two story sculpture tree wall (private office)
Children's Tree (for religious community)
Wall in Children's Library.
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Sculpture created to hide
10 foot column in store
Sculpture (created for
religious community)
"Pathways of the Spirit"
Sculpture in Wood and Paint
The Swathe collection
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Wood Cut Sculpture
Gift sculpture and table.

Table by:
n woodworks
Wood Cut Sculpture
Sherman/Hoffman Sanctuary Funders Mural
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Eagle Sunrise wood
cut wall hanging.
This is
the second to the Audubon mural.
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sculpture on "My Own Art Studio Page".