Wetlands Institute
Stone Harbor New Jersey

A nature exploration exhibit designed for toddlers and preschool age
children and their parents.
This is an exhibit designed to be used in a flexible space. The room needs to be used for many
different events so the exhibit was built to break down and be packed into the two center table
Corner Activity center
The Fishing Pier
Children use the fishing rods to
catch a silhouette fish
The young fishermen  
can then fit there catch
into the puzzle slot on
the Match your Catch
Then their adult can
share facts with them
about the different fish.
Corner Activity Center
Bird Observation Deck
Children Step onto the deck and use the scope to search for
model birds mounted around the room. The board next to  
the scope has facts about the birds they will find
Basic changeable
theme quiz board.
These two table/boxes come
apart and the panels are taken
out and replaced with blank
panels and then all the activities
are placed inside. The tables
can then be used for serving
food or other activities.

Click Here to see close ups of
some of the interactive panels
created for the Institute
Sample Panels
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